Great article with cute video proves why it’s important to read to children

Swartz, A. (2017, January 12). This 4-year-old got a special visit to Library of Congress because she loves books so much. Retrieved February 03, 2017, from

Originally seen on Facebook but tracked down on actual website.
This article (a video is in there) demonstrates just how important and crucial reading is. I remember my mom reading to me and my brothers all of the time. Halloween was one of the best times of the year because of all the neat books she found. Few were actually scary (except for Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, and I’m talking about the ones with Stephen Gammell’s illustrations), but they were just fun because they would glow in the dark or be pop-up books. One of my favorites was Jan Pienkowski’s Haunted House because of how colorful and interactive it was. My family and I went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas, and in the kid’s section of the park was a recreation of Pienkowski’s book for children to go through as their haunted house. It was unbelievable how they brought the book to life, like having octopus tentacles hanging over the ranch-style sink that was overflowing with soap suds and bubbles while the other appendages did dishes.

I’ve had this book since I was YOUNG (probably my blond mullet days). “Harold” still unnerves me to this day.

I digress, but reading to young children every single day is paramount for their future education, and four-year-old Daliyah Arana is proof of that. Read the article and watch the video to see how well this kid pronounces words and reads.

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